Robert Nowell: Learn to make a sustainable living as a photographer with family portraits as the backbone to studio prosperity. Robert Nowell brings 30 years of information to his class that will examine posing groups, educating your clients, creating an exceptional customer experience. Attendees will gain insights into Robert’s workflows, and sales strategies for success. (Monday)

Andre Amyot: Andre will share with you the concepts that will outline the difference between the need of a client, what this person truly wants, the fears this person experiences before making a decision and finally the emotional outcome generated. By understanding these major factors, photographers will be able to design their own language that confirms VALUE long before talking about pricing. Your selling process will be different from that moment on.

Claude Brazeau: Claude will identify the challenges of working with available light for portraiture and lead you through his solutions. Learn how to take advantage of this unique and very affordable source of light, and create award winning images in your own natural surroundings. (Monday)

Jessica St. Peter: As the owner of St-Catherine’s Brand Web Design, Jess will be leading a hands-on workshop on the most useful methods to increase your website’s SEO. Downloadable digital workbooks will guide you through the process and help organise everything you’ll take away from her session.(Monday)

Andrew Collett: A visual design expert and full time landscape photographer, Andrew is also the owner of Print Partner Inc in Toronto and the Pine Cliff Gallery in Bracebridge, ON. His intensive workshop will delve deep into how you, too, can market and sell your own fine art and landscape photography. (Monday)

Travis Gadsby: Everything marketing is the topic of Travis’s workshop. His tips and techniques, what works and what doesn’t. His open forum style will allow you to directly pick his brain and find the specific marketing answers that you’ve been looking for and that your business needs.  Learn more about travis here:  http://www.focalpointontario.com/travis-gatsby/ (Sunday)